Transform - Cloud ERP & HR

UK Government Agency looking to modernise and migrate their Corporate and HR systems enabled by a leading ERP and HR Cloud applications provider.


The client’s tier 1 ERP and HR applications were fast approaching obsolescence and several disparate spreadsheet workaround practices had emerged across the business.

The ask

Having successfully delivered an HM Treasury strategic business case for the client, justifying the modernisation to an integrated ERP and HR Cloud system, Flourish was asked to manage the vendor selections, implement the Cloud application and improve the associated business practices.

What we did

Working alongside the client we gathered detailed financial, procurement, projects, and HR department requirements. Developed target processes and operating models, presented future states to stakeholders.

We performed vendor evaluations, executed governance boards, developed programme project plans, resourcing, budgets, benefits, gave direction on business change activities, and much much more.

Recognising successful change is ability-led, not process-led, we gave clear roles & goals to key staff seconded to the project teams, established team values, developed guiding principles for application design & process improvements, instigated training, and project inductions to the agile delivery approach.


Our management input, focusing on agile delivery, improving operational performance and developing capabilities, successfully contributed to the client’s transition to an integrated suite of ERP and HR Cloud applications and the modernisation of business practices. Enabling improvements in the client’s internal processes and delivering benefits across the whole business.