So let’s face it – Business transformation is hard! 

But frequent change is here to stay. So your change capability and the way you deliver it is critical to your business, overall.


Every business has its pressures of structure, politics, culture, and capability from inside and outside the organisation that risk impacting the success of any business transformation.


Key initiatives drift off target and fail to achieve their intended objectives. Delivery outputs are missed, involvement in the change occurs at the wrong times, costs are exceeded and expectations aren't met.


But it's vital the change succeeds for you to progress.


Whether it’s delivering business initiatives or digital technology-enabled change, our management and delivery approaches, tailored to your needs, focus on two facets throughout –


Delivering Customer Value and Business Benefits.

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Complexity vs Capability

Often a key constraint to delivering successful transformation is the maturity of the function tasked to deliver it. The change may have only just started but it's already destined to fail.


There is a direct relationship between the ability to commit to delivering change on time, on budget and on quality with the capability maturity of the function tasked with managing the key aspects of the transformation.


And the more complex the level of change the more mature the change function's management capabilities needs to be.


We assess the complexity of change undertaken in relation to the required functional capability to deliver that change. Advising and supporting the measures required to develop the capability maturity and bridge the gap to align the two.


Flourish utilises best practice change management and delivery approaches and combines these with implementation management experience from multiple sectors of applications, products, and initiatives.


Committing resource to your programme, projects, and agile delivery, we manage all aspects of the transformation lifecycle for your business' change initiatives, digital technology-enabled implementations, ERP and CRM system delivery, and bespoke application development and release.


This commitment enables us to fit seamlessly into your transformation environment from early discovery and planning stages through to implementation and benefits realisation, with everything in between.

Business Change

Flourish understands that the management of the business change should be a discrete yet integral part of any business transformation programme.


Our people-centric business change management approach, employed in an on-going strategic basis or for a stand-alone programme, address the human element of a change and become integral to the attainment of your business' objectives.


We work inside and outside the organisation boundaries to ensure stakeholders are proactively engaged at the right time and in the right capacity, assessing and managing their readiness, so the transitions are delivered with meaning to the individual, with an emphasis on the success of the outcomes and the realisation of benefits.


In particular, our transformation services include:

  • strategic change design and planning

  • P3M maturity assessment

  • business case development

  • programme & project management

  • structured and agile implementation

  • people-centric change management

  • business analysis

  • stakeholder management

  • benefits realisation management

  • change resistance management

  • change readiness assessments

  • transition management