Marketing, PR & Communications

Differentiating your business propositions.

Marketing Strategy


You’ll have an idea or an objective to achieve. A good strategy will help realise your ambition. And when you’ve got one, it’s a like a lightbulb moment – it all becomes clear. Customers are at the heart of every good strategy – who are they, what are they like, what are their challenges, what makes them tick.


Customer delight comes from really engaging with and listening to your customers, rather than purely telling them about what you do. Through your marketing strategy we can share a compelling story, creating brand awareness and helping achieve your business goals.

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Digital Marketing


Today's ever-changing digital landscape, it can be difficult to keep on top of what's the latest and what's up and coming in digital marketing, let alone decide what options will get the best results for your business. That's where we come in!


From PPC, to social media marketing, to email marketing and CRM, we've got the know-how and the experience to help you select the best channels for your business. We can work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy to reach your target audiences, meet your business goals and objectives and get the most out of your spend.


Public Relations


Whether you want to raise the profile of your business, launch a new product or make a name for yourself, we are here to offer support and direction. Our PR experience is extensive, from consumer launches to corporate networking and strategic planning to internal coms


We’ve promoted events and festivals, books, charities, tourism areas, and businesses covering everything from milk to renewables!  We have organised photo calls and stunts, worked with TV, radio and social media as well as traditional media. We are creative in our approach and very well connected so we'll work to make sure you get the best possible results!   

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Flourish Marketing



We're talking about taking your plans, products, events or services and getting them out there so people can learn about them, engage with them, buy them, use them or even visit them. For a lot of organisations, campaign work can be complicated, time consuming and expensive, fortunately, we've done it more than a few times before!


We know how to get the best bang for your buck, extend your reach and optimise your media selections.We make sure we get the best deals we can for you and work hard to deliver your objectives, so from social media to mass media we'll keep you right.



Having a well-positioned brand is a great way to connect with your customers and better still, having a well-known brand is the stuff of dreams. Both, however can be difficult to achieve without the know-how, luckily that’s where we come in. With years of brand experience, we can give you a better insight into your target audience, re-position your brand, develop a new brand or help with a re-brand.


We also know a thing or two about brand loyalty and protection, especially when it comes to partnership working, so you know your brand is in safe hands. Not only that, if you're looking for help with a branding exercise we can help you through the journey to make sure you end up with a first class brand that you and your customers love.