Improve Performance

Performance issues arise when the structure, technology, process, capability or use of power does not fit the business’ strategic situation.


Businesses are notoriously bad at scaling appropriately to their environment. Reactive solutions often undershoot, or sometimes overshoot, the mark, generating inefficiencies and waste. Teams make-do to get by, while business demands and constraints mean these patchwork solutions are never re-adjusted and become the norm, resulting in increased resource effort, decreased quality and constricting performance.


So while you may possess all the tools, you can’t seem to get them to be used to their optimum.


Using recognised approaches we take a holistic systems view and detailed analysis to provide solutions that align your structure, technologies, process and information resources to your business environment and strategy.  

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However, while this will improve operating systems performance, we believe the thing that provides a competitive advantage and real value in the eyes of a customer is your service performance.


So the human element is vital to improving overall performance. And improving this element resides squarely with the management and the power they possess.


Business managers use this power to create the environment that enables their people to own performance solutions, empowering them to commit to delivering customer value and business benefits.




Our approach to performance improvement is influenced by and utilises recognised approaches - lean, BPR, 6σ etc. but is underpinned by high-commitment management and managing by commitment approaches, where the ability and an individual’s capability to fulfill commitments to a customer is the critical element to efficient and effective performance.


Process improvement underpinned by commitment approaches break down organisational barriers, develop relationships, creates agility, improve performance and deliver strategic objectives,


Our problem solving gets to the root cause of issues and solution management experience can navigate your business to improved system performance.


In particular, our improvement services include:

  • high-commitment management solutions

  • managing by commitment solutions

  • business system audits

  • target operating models

  • business analysis

  • problem diagnostics and turnaround

  • business process architecture

  • lean process improvement

  • business process re-engineering

  • statistical process control

  • cost and risk reduction management 

  • supplier performance management