Strategic Business Case

UK Government Agency looking to modernise and migrate their Corporate and HR systems enabled by a leading ERP and HR Cloud applications solution.


The client’s tier one ERP and HR applications were fast approaching obsolescence. Several disparate spreadsheet workaround practices had emerged across the business and there were low levels of confidence and usage of the on-premise infrastructure applications and processes.

The ask

A business case was needed making the case for upgrading the ERP and HR applications and modernising the associated corporate services and human resource business practices.


To mitigate the pending obsolescence the business case had to be presented at the client’s first executive board meeting of the New Year, some six weeks away.

What we did

Engaging senior stakeholders to capture the issues with the current applications and processes, and understand requirements. A long to short list solution options was rapidly drawn up and assessed. A detailed evaluation of the short list to recommend the client consolidate several applications into a single integrated ERP and HCM Cloud application while modernising existing business practices, bringing user value and £4.5 million in client benefits.


The HM treasury five case business case was submitted and approved by the executive board with the Chairman complimenting the standard, detail, and clarity of the business case. The case was used by other UK Gov't agencies as a template for their own ERP and HCM upgrades


Flourish was awarded an extension to manage the programme of work to select the ERP and HCM Cloud solution and implement application and modernisation practices