Change Capability

New Regional Infrastructure Division seeking to establish the framework and tools for the management and delivery of internal business and technology changes.


Our client, a new division of a large rail industry company, already had an established methodology for the management of its customer projects but had no equivalent approaches its business and technology initiatives. Multiple uncoordinated initiatives had emerged, had progressed and most were in distress or had closed, without ever delivering any real or sustainable business change.

The ask

Pending the transfer of a new business change manager, six months hence, we were engaged to develop and establish the methodologies and tools for the governance and management of internal business and technology initiatives.


Providing management with the agility and tools to assess, manage and deliver its strategic business changes.

What we did

Working with the small change team, we gathered and categorised the range of in-flight business initiatives and strategy, to scale the requirement.

We developed a framework to establish the methodologies, practices, responsibilities, approaches, tools, and artifacts for proposing, governing, managing and delivering of business change and technology projects.

We engaged with a 3rd party provider to design and develop a tailored project portfolio management cloud solution, managing the agile delivery of this application.


The new change manager took up their role, with the business adopting the agile framework practices and the continuing rollout of the PPM application. Enabling them to establish the appropriate resources to take control of manageable business change projects coordinated into programmes of work, improving control on spend and the delivery performance of internal initiatives.